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For our first blog post, we wanted to share our story and introduce ourselves a little more informally. We hope you check back periodically for more articles and other bloggy type things!

Tell us how ALT Recruitment Partners came about?

We all genuinely have a passion for recruiting. We really enjoy working together and have done so for more than ten years. We share a unified vision for a more focused way to recruit that offers a higher level of client and candidate service. ALT Recruitment Partners is the realization of that vision. We are excited by change and what the future holds.

How did each of you get into recruiting?

Emily: Good question. Law was never my passion. After moving to Toronto, I stumbled upon legal recruitment and realized this was something I loved.

Salima: Although I enjoyed the practice of law I always felt there was something missing. When I moved to Toronto I was given the opportunity to recruit.  After being in recruiting for 9 months I realized what was missing. I have been recruiting for over 13 years and have never looked back.   

Rebecca: I was recruited by the best recruiters- Emily and Salima! Emily and I knew one another from Law School at Dal. I was practicing litigation in Toronto, but was not loving it and knew I wouldn’t do it forever. Emily encouraged me to consider recruiting, I met Salima and the rest is history.


How would you describe your partners?

Salima: Emily is the jack of all trades. Whether you put Emily in front of partners or students – she will engender them. Emily gives her all in everything she does. Rebecca is loved by everyone. Her friendly demeanour and her passion for everything she does makes her a success.

Emily: Salima possesses an inner goddess but she’s also bad-ass. She’s a devoted mother, wife, sister, daughter, co-worker and a truly talented recruiter. Rebecca has real talent for connecting with others – she’s the only person I know who can enter a room full of strangers and leave with new best friends! She is genuinely interested in her clients and candidates and always seeks out the best fit.

Rebecca: Salima is hysterical and always makes work fun. Her outgoing, approachable nature, draws people to her. Everywhere we go, Salima is sure to know someone. She also has a quiet confidence that makes her fierce. Salima is the kind of partner that makes you feel like no goal is too big. Emily makes you want to be better at what you do. She is calm under pressure, grounded and is a go-getter. It’s hard to keep up with her productivity! She does not know it, but she sets the bar high – which is just what you want in a partner. And Emily is genuine and caring. With her advice, it’s easy to be confident in making a choice.

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