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The Law of 3 – why use a legal recruiter (and specifically ALT Recruitment Partners)

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We have been recruiting lawyers for a very long time – nearly 35 years combined. Family and friends outside of the legal industry will often ask, “Why would a company or law firm use a legal recruiter when looking to add a lawyer their their organization? What value does ALT add?”

1. Law is a highly specialized profession. By the nature of the work, no two lawyers will have exactly the same practice experience. Aside from law firms and large institutions (who use us for a competitive edge), most companies do not hire a lawyer every year. At ALT, we have decades of experience differentiating between lawyers, their year of call, their education, their training and their experience. We understand the nuances of one lawyer’s practice over another.

2. Hiring a lawyer is both time-consuming and time sensitive. With ALT, all of the legwork is done for you – and more. You will benefit from our years of connections in the legal industry and our decades of experience researching and headhunting lawyers. We present in very short order a tailored list of recommendations – lawyers we have met and we know you should meet. But we don’t stop there – we don’t just throw the proverbial spaghetti at wall to see what sticks. We partner with you until the right person has accepted your offer and is successfully on-boarded with your organization. And we follow-up regularly to ensure everyone remains happy.

3. Access to information is key. When hiring, you need a wide range of information at your fingertips, including trends in the legal market, salary information, what bonuses are being paid, how long notice periods are and whether they are being adhered to. You need to be informed on the candidates who are available, why they are available, and whether they are interested in an organization like yours. You need to be informed on the current trends in the profession to assess the likelihood your offer will be accepted and whether that lawyer will be a long-term hire or is a flight risk. You need information on the candidates themselves – what drives them, what is motivating them to make a change and what their previous employers have to say about them. Using ALT guarantees you receive all of the information you want and need.

This article is part of an ALT Recruitment Partners series entitled The Law of 3. For more information, please refer to the Team section of our website at Any of our 3 Partners would be pleased to share insight and references.