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The Law of 3 – offer negotiation

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Got an offer? Amazing! But it’s not over yet. Negotiation and acceptance can be the trickiest part of the recruitment process.

What are 3 common pitfalls that can happen during offer negotiation?

1- Pace. Often times the recruitment process can be slow and the time between interviews and updates feels like an eternity for you as the candidate. The irony is that when the offer is finally extended, the employer wants the process to suddenly expedite. Recruitment is like dating – they have told you they want to go steady. Not responding right away can really cool the relationship before it has even begun. You don’t need to say yes on the spot – that would not be wise. But be responsive. Let them know you are pleased to receive an offer and what amount of time you would like to review and come back with all of your questions. Most offers should be reviewed and negotiated (where applicable) within a few days, not weeks.

2- Over-negotiation. This is a pitfall that can befall anyone, but is particularly common with lawyers. We get it – you review contracts daily and you want to be sure that everything is included in the offer letter and employment contract. This is, after all, what you will do for your future employer! But over-negotiating minor points in an employment contract can be the kiss of death. Quibbling over wording or including small things you have been told takes the wind out of everyone’s sails. To some extent you must take a leap of faith and trust your future employer. Having a trusted recruiter can be very beneficial when navigating this delicate balance.

3- Good faith. You’ve decided to accept the offer and go in to see your employer only to, lo and behold, receive a better offer to stay! There are countless articles out there on why you should never accept a counteroffer. Presumably you have already addressed your concerns with your current job to your employer – the pay, the hours, the commute – and you were not able to work out a remedy. But be ready as the the situation can arise. An entirely different matter is using an offer to get a counter-offer. This game is unfair to the prospective employer. Negotiating in good faith is key to a successful future relationship – and your integrity.

Good luck!

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