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Questions? Answers.

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Over the past few weeks, the ALT Team has spent a lot of time in meetings, with both clients and candidates. This is always a busy time of year – the winter holidays are a distant memory, first quarter financials have been released (and bonuses deposited into bank accounts), and with the summer holidays coming, New Year’s resolutions are re-energized. Below we address a few of the common questions we receive from candidates and clients.

CANDIDATE:  Should I be talking to more than one legal recruitment firm?

Yes! We encourage ALT candidates to keep their job search broad. Recruiting is a relationship-based business. At ALT, we have Clients we have worked with for more than 10 years. They know us and trust our judgment, and come back to us each time they need to add a lawyer to their team. Similarly, other recruiters will have their own relationships. When you’re looking for a new job, keep your network broad but use caution – only work with recruiters with a good reputation and who take confidentiality very seriously. And keep track of where your resume goes to avoid embarrassing duplication of effort.

CLIENT:  Should I be engaging more than one legal recruitment firm to hire counsel?

No! For talent seekers, an exclusive engagement with one recruitment firm is always best. The ALT Partners will meet with you and key stakeholders to fully understand your unique hiring needs. We go to market with a wide brush to find those individuals who will be the best fit. ALT strives to balance expediency with quality. Other recruitment firms that promise results in 24-48 hours rely on an outdated database to source candidates. ALT goes to market each time with a fresh eye to find the best talent. When multiple recruitment firms are engaged on the same search, no one firm is held accountable for results. Whether you choose to engage ALT Recruitment Partners or another of our fine competitors, best to use only one firm at a time.

CANDIDATE:  Should I have a LinkedIn profile?

Everyone should have a LinkedIn profile. Like a company with a well thought out website, a LinkedIn profile adds legitimacy to every professional, whether or not they are looking to move jobs. It is a great way to network in this digital world. From a recruitment standpoint, those seeking talent (whether they be headhunters like us, or internal corporate talent acquisition teams) use all available tools to find the right candidates for the roles that are vacant. These tools include posting advertisements, cold-calling, networking and referrals. LinkedIn is an excellent medium in this regard.

CANDIDATE:  When will I hear back?

Many organizations have moved into entirely digital recruitment, making candidates feel as though they are sending their employment application into the ether – a big black hole. Often candidates are left with no ability to follow-up. For the companies who are truly wonderful at responding to every relevant application, we thank you. You’re helping to improve the recruitment process and reputation of recruiters everywhere. At ALT, we believe that no update is still an update. We strive to provide timely updates to clients and candidates on a regular basis, and are always responsive to inquiries.

CLIENT:  We have an internal recruiter/HR department/talent acquisition team. Why should we use ALT?

Internal recruiters are incredible multi-taskers – we can’t imagine working on sourcing 40 positions in a wide range of areas at the same time! Often the internal team is happy to bring ALT in – we provide specialized legal recruitment solutions. We are lawyers and legal recruitment is ALL WE DO. We are a boutique firm, which means we don’t take on 40 mandates at a time. We focus on a handful of clients at a time. This allows us to spend the time sourcing candidates and tailoring each and every search to our clients’ unique hiring needs. With our 35+ years of combined legal recruitment experience, we have amassed an amazing network of Canadian lawyers – a network no general recruiter could possibly have. We create a customized process and timeline and are responsive throughout the process, working closely with the hiring managers and always keeping you up to date on our progress. And the best part? The ALT Approach combines executive search methods with a contingency fee model. This means if we are not successful (which we will be), there is no fee.